BOOK AND BED IS 「泊まれる本屋」

Book And Bed is "an accommodation bookshop"

The perfect setting for a good nights sleep is something you will not find here.There are no comfortable mattresses, fluffy pillows nor lightweight and warm down duvets.

What we do offer is an experience while reading a book (or comic book).
An experience shared by everyone at least once : the blissful "instant of falling asleep".
It is already 2 am but you think just a little more... with heavy drooping eye lids you continue reading only to realize you have fallen asleep.

Our concept is thus a readers haven - an accommodation bookshop.
(Books aren’t sold, though. It’s just an expression.)

Dozing off obliviously during your treasured pasttime is the finest "moment of sleep", don't you agree?

With books as our central theme, we decided to create a hostel offering the greatest "moment of sleep".


BOOKSHELF is... Symbol of BOOK AND BED TOKYO is located behind the bookshelf. There are complete power and book light. A little spread rooms of 120cm x 200cm, up to 10-beds. A little tight room of 80cm × 200cm, up to 2-beds. Total 12-beds.

Bed are two types. Sleep behind the bookshelf is called " BOOKSHELF". You have an experience to stay more cheaper in bookshop is called " BUNK ". In addition, you still choose from 2 size of bed, "STANDARD" or "COMPACT".

"BUNK" is... stay more cheaper in bookshop. A little spread rooms of 120cm × 200cm, up to 2-beds with complete power. A little tight room of 80cm x 200cm, up to 16-beds. Total 18-beds.

There are 2 size of bed, "STANDARD" and "COMPACT".

Book Light / private curtain / hanger / Wi-Fi connection / dedicated outlet



【Room Rate】
"STANDARD" ¥ 4,500- (without tax) / per night ~ *Friday, Saturday and the day before public holidays is high rate
"COMPACT" ¥ 3,500- (without tax) / per night ~ *Friday, Saturday and the day before public holidays is high rate
Check-in 16:00 Check-out 11:00

Credit card (only Visa, MasterCard, SAISON)
*No cash accepted

【Cancellation policy】

  1. No cancellation fee - 8 days in advance
  2. 30% of room rate shall be charged - 3 to 7 days in advance
  3. 50% of room rate shall be charged - 2 days in advance
  4. 80% of room rate shall be charged - one day in advance.
  5. 100% of room rate shall be charged - If you do not inform us and no show
*Group booking will be a different policy of this above. Please inform us for more information about group booking.

Free Wi-Fi
Dial locker: There is a limit to the number of locker.
Rental dryer: Not available from 12am to 7am.


No reservations accepted for the Day-time.

¥ 1,500- (without tax) / 13:00 to 17:00  *Bed room and shower is not available.

Credit card (only Visa, MasterCard, SAISON)
IC card (SUICA, PASMO, etc)
*No cash accepted.
Check out the availability for day-time user from here.


1-17-7, Lumiere buillding 7th floor, Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku Tokyo, Japan 171-0021

- 1-min walk to Starbucks,

- 1-min walk to Convenience store,

- 1-min walk to Pharmacy,

- 1-min walk to Major appliance stores,

- 2-min walk to Department stores,

- 2-min walk to Money exchange,

- 10-min walk to Aquarium


To BOOK AND BED from major station

- From Shinjuku : 8-min (Yamanote line)
- From Shibuya : 10-min (Yamanote line)
- From Roppongi : 7-min (Oedo line) + transfer to the (Yamanote line) at Yoyogi 10-min
- From Asakusa : 5-min (Ginza line) + transfer to the (Yamanote line) at Ueno 17-min
- From Tokyo : 16-min (Marunouchi line)
- From Shinagawa : 28-min (Yamanote line)
- From Narita Airport : 93-min (Narita Express)
- From Haneda Airport : 30-min (Yamanote line) + transfer to the (Tokyo Monorail) 18-min

To sightseeing spot from BOOK AND BED

- To Meiji-jingu : 14-min (Yamanote line) at Harajuku
- To Naritasan Shinkatsu-ji in Narita city, Chiba : 13-min to Nippori (Yamanote line) + transfer to Keisei Narita Sta (Keisei-Honsen Express) 64-min.
- To Senso-ji : 17-min to Ueno (Yamanote line) + transfer to Asakusa Sta (Ginza line) 5-min.
- To Nikko Toshogu : 1 hour and 50-min (Nikko limited express)
- To Hasedera in Kamakura, Kanagawa : 66-min to Kamakura (Shonan-Shinjuku line) + transfer to Hase Sta (Enoshima-Dentetsu) 5-min.